You can be right, or you can be married; take your pick. I can’t remember who told me that, but I do remember that they were only half-joking. The other half, the serious half, is exceedingly important. This is why.

Many therapists aren’t crazy about doing marital therapy. It’s complicated and messy, and it often feels out of control. In the worst case scenario, the therapist has front row seats to a regularly-scheduled prize fight. But I love to do marital therapy. Why? Maybe I enjoy the work because I keep one simple principle in mind: if marriage is going to work, it needs to become a contest to see which spouse is going to lose the most, and it needs to be a race that goes down to the wire.

When it comes to winning and losing, I think there are three kinds of marriages. In the first…

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About theJoygal

Life - in case no one ever told you - is hard. We live in a world where bad stuff happens to all of us, whether we consider ourselves bad or good; where we tend to hurt people for sport - whether intentionally or unintentionally; where stuff just happens that we have no control over. I know. I like you, have had my fair share of pain. I lost my mother at a young age, my father was non-existent; I lived in an abusive home during my teenage years; and most recently, I have extracted myself from an unhealthy relationship that was centered on power and control and am now suffering thru a divorce. Life - it never seems to get easier. However, there is HOPE...and He comes in the person of Jesus sent to us by a very loving, very real and very angry God. Wait, before you jump off the page, I want to ask you to look at that sentence again...give me and Jesus another chance to explain ourselves - and why God and Jesus are angry about your pain. I know, I know - Jesus is not a popular name these days ...but I feel if you will just spend some time reading my story on my Blog - you might, maybe you will just see a different side of Jesus than you ever have. For those of you that already know Jesus like I do, my blog offers HOPE to you as well. See, thru my process I am learning that I was never properly discipled...and I know a LOT of us slip thru the cracks. We don't learn that the Bible really does have all the answers we need, that we really do need it as our daily bread and that there is a very definite way to live what others call the "Christian life" - that will look and feel different than what most in the church are doing today. My hopes for you with my blog is that you will get a glimpse of what discipling looks like, how you can benefit from it, learn from it, hopefully encouraging you to get out there and find your own discipler who can then turn you into a discipler! Lastly, in a moment of pure genius yesterday (and it was not my moment but someone else's) it was suggested to me that perhaps I turn my craft of writing into a class in order to help teach others how to do some "self-help" work for those that aren't yet followers of Christ - and "soul tending" for those that are followers. While this is a way off from being developed, I know this is a way that I can offer help to the hurting, needy and oppressed among us...and that perhaps God will use all of us to weave a beautiful tapestry together thru this Facebook page.
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